A Similar Understanding

We all have a possibility to reach a similar understanding. How we get there makes us unique. As it is said, “great minds think alike “.

A teacher’s intellect is only as great as the student’s lesson because education and articulation are limited by comprehension of the material. There are restrictions of vocabulary thus conceptual expression when the person conversing with simply is not yet ‘there’.

As a teacher, (just as in fighting) when you understand range and balance you uncover the safest timing and points to penetrate.

Hoping to bridge the gap and create trust while exuding genuine intention to work together for good. ….this is what improvement and healing are about.

We are not on a linear path to enlightenment but an intersecting one which keeps us rediscovering the universal truths.


Pleasantly Direct and Immersive

Secrets are to be kept from those who wouldn’t understand anyways and especially from those driven by greed. If you want to have secrets you can’t talk about them…

The strongest leaders will forever yearn to stay into the headwind.

When teaching: it is vital not to be without emotion, but be empty (in-ego) ready to be filled. Be pleasantly direct and immersive, fully coherent with education and sensitivity employing proficiency.

In order to understand you must be able to do, from within in (aptitude), without triggers from outside your own psyche . A mastered teacher will instill knowledge so one may find themselves with the awareness they wish they had before.

There will always be people who will talk and talk about it. There will always be people who do it. The people doing it don’t want to talk to the people talking about it because they do not want to listen to someone who’s never going to do it. If only the people not doing it knew they weren’t doing it…

To exclude a stimulus is to with certainty increase its unwanted immersion.

You can not do what is impossible. You can achieve diluted substances, but this is not the same. You can break ‘it’ down but even then you will not do what ‘it’ is. Some secrets stay that way until you are in-the-experential-know.

There are things that are in us, that drive us. There are things that are apart of us, that test us. The things that are of our essence are internal. The things that are placed in our path due to our environment challenge us and take us away from our core needs.

Often times we need to step back and remove certain protocols in order to fully adapt and aquire a new capacity. When ready we can add in previous protocols and simultaneously maintain newly acquired skills. Then a new rhythm is set in motion, progresevily enableing increased strength and stability. -Old tricks feel like new tricks when you can work even harder.

At what point does progression stop becoming useful for a total health experience?

– Maintaining the balance


If Then

In order to be saved you must be lost. In order to be lost you must have a destination. In your destination you will find salvation from what is not in your path of focus. It is Impossible to walk the righteous path without transgression when exists reaction. No disciplines will free you of regret, still there is salvation through faith, certainty and understanding.

Feeling is triggered from thought. Thought is propulsion of faith and understanding of what is not in the tangible realm. Why prove (to others) what can not be proven when seeking to understand self. The expansion of awareness will show you your truest nature.

Spend your moments perfecting that which is sustainable.

Dan Baruch


True Enlightenment

Your strength, is actually your compensation.

Life is the truth we seek mixed with the secrets we keep.

If you haven’t found failure you are still looking for pain. Through both you experience discomfort, this is where you develop strength. In the feeling of not knowing, it’s where we are most awakened. Our senses are at highest points of acuity, our thoughts are present, anaylzing the why from every posibility. It is not often we are excited, scared, happy, anxious, etc., all at once. Here exists the power to control emoitions; not emoitions to control you. Cultivate a balance, keeping the highs and lows minimal.

~Why technique first?

You need a guide, because repetition is the path-way to perfection. But if you don’t comprehend what you are doing, a usefull tool will become redundent. You must understand the tool and it’s effectiveness in totality. The sign of a successful teacher/student relationship is when the teacher can trust the student to make improvements on their own with the skills they have been given. ….Silence has so many meanings

The Purpose is to distinct between:
Weakness vs Compensation
Programmed vs Awareness
Habit vs Practice
Energy In vs Energy Out
Carbohydrates Control vs Anaerobic Activity
Trauma vs Healing

With the right tool and understanding, practicing continual progression will demand more focus to work with greater intensity, which carry’s over into other life moments. When feeling of great energy manifests inside, do not let it out, instead keep it within, guide it/use it. The more power you can acquire the better centered you will become.

The give and take of mobilty and maximum depth of contraction, regulated through active flexibility.

Body Alignment Rejuvenation©

Dan Baruch


Circumstance of Freedom;

Replication is adaptability
Adaptability is skill mastery
Skill mastery is challenged capacity, of one’s grounded self.

Be the potential demonstration, not the skill unproven.

A lesson can be taught, but to know thyself must be learned.

The Reference Point

With the new year resolutionsists amongst us;

Heretofore firm decisions were contemplated while spontaneous choices are now acted-on…

Reference-Points trigger the need for replacement of one sensation for another. From inception there should have never been the hyper-stimulation, but this is not the case. Cleanse the repetitive abuse with control over obsolete consternation, by jarring delusional-urges with meditative substitution.

Action is one step ahead of the antecedent decision.


Excuses Expose Ignorance©

In order to understand you need to abandon relational-control. In the beginning there is a question, then an answer, then a decision. To be continually in power causes little to desire your attraction. That which willingly come our-way provide most satisfaction. Let it happen as it does, your vision is always most important, but an accumulation of experiences will solidify the whole package. Stay with what you want and respect who you are.

And then,

You (will) need a passion so to look-up on someone, to give them your energy, to be excited to share your knowledge. Contribution is one of the best feelings, so make sure you have something of value to share. The moments where; words flow, thoughts progress, and understanding comes full circle. These experiences prove indeed who you think of yourself to be.

I want us all to have real thoughts to grasp upon for perfection of the internal-self. Remember, excuses expose ignorance. So speak softly and begin to….

Dan Baruch