The one thing

The one thing is health and health is best achieved through nutrition, exercise, self-healing and mental clarity. The one (other) thing is exposing the ‘fitness’ industry for its harmful affects on your health and the money driven “results” based programs. I have realized how confusing it is for people because there is so much information and choice. The BARUCHealth program is simple and for everyone (beginner thru advanced). Learning it is like learning math. You have to start at the beginning, it is the only way.

The rest of this question (What is the one thing?) refers to marketing and appealing to people’s triggers to actually change and start learning new things. I say, there is no niche for what I am after, human beings need to understand how to take care of themselves.

I work with many people in recovery because they are the one’s in tune with the need to improve their health. Generally the people without severe enough symptoms are most difficult to teach. Until the system fails people do not think they have a problem and most certainly do not think they are the cause….

The string can only be pulled.

I am learning to control my knowledge. It is not right to talk with someone and expect them to comprehend what is in my head (referring to all that is on the BARUCHealth website). The website has changed things for me. Now I say less because I know I do not have to say everything for someone to get the information, instead I listen more. People have to come to their point of confusion first and then I share with them how things work in their specific case. Any general talk is too general to make lasting change occur, things must be specific. Life is interesting… 🙂

I am not writing this thinking I am so smart. But the reality is almost daily I meet and talk with people that are being exposed to this (content taught via way of thinking and information for the first time.

The little things add up.

As a teacher or guide if you can not detect the little things you can not help the student. And as a teacher if you are not discovering more little things as your career matures you are on the wrong succession path.

Progress is change,



There are two types of people in the world. Those who do not know and those who are unwilling to change.

Strength without balance is akin to sex without love.

There is alot to learn and alot to understand. With an open mind you will be amazed how simple things are. In the beginning moments of learning the ego takes hold and you question if you already know what is being presented, but through doing you realize you do not. You must do, you must try, you must have experience.

The initial willingness to try is only the taste, it is not until you have had your fill and no longer crave more will you understand what you are doing and learning. It takes time to make sense of it all. Not the words but the feelings, the deeper meaning to you. Remember there is always something to learn. If you are stiff you can learn about flexibility. If you are poor you can learn about wealth. If you are suffering you can learn about healing.

Let us come together…. Where consciousness, perspective and comprehension meet. In this place our character will show and our intention will be exposed. Mutual exchange, give-take-give-take. I know what I know because I am me, and you know what you know because you are you. But how can I give you what I know and you give me what you know. It is a relationship and you must care about me and I must care about you.

“If you think you do not feel and if you feel you don’t think.”

Once you achieve it (openness), you must maintain it. Life is fluid, never static. Do not force change. You will only be left with memories of what once was and will never be. Be yourself and maintain balance in your life. Change within will come, and change within is the only change that you will understand.

All my best,


‘Staying centered in the midst of change.’

It does not matter your level of passion when comprehension is not present. It matters more how you do and not what you do. It is the technique of things that reveals proper effort.

When looking out you cannot see what is within. Focus not on being the-best, but on being your-best. It is internal not external goals that transcend change.

In life there can be balance. Where once was tension can be relaxation. The greater energy you control the more your inner being is left to be. External pressures make you constrict, but with exercise you can press back and protect yourself.

Everyday do something. Your external shell is there to allow your inner being safety. Let what is inside grow. Keep what is outside strong and flexible, changing from within and not because of what is out there.

Everything we can do is interconnected with how we feel and think about what we will do. When you can identify it, analysis it, diagnose it and integrate it, …you will change it.

Progress is change friends,


Being focused is something we all can do. Focus occurs when you are aware of your actions. These actions may be ones which you have done before or something completly new. The greater your sense of self the greater your likelihood is to maintain focus.

If you wish to develop focus you must spend time practing things which seem like rituals (from an outsider’s perception). You also must avoid habbits at all costs. Habbits are posion for your presence of mind. Being focused is not practiced while acting unconsciously during habitual behaviours.

We may be able to analyze multiple sensations at once, but our choice occurs in focusing on a single descion. It is the accumulation of rehearsal and repetition that allows us to focus with greater strength and sensitivity.

The goal is to simplify your way of thinking by focusing on a single point, then eventualy a concept and then system.




Health First

When it comes to your exercise, diet, lifestyle, etc. it should be based on a health first principal.

‘Let this be the last time I (offensively) speak out negatively. I believe in producing positivity and letting people figure out what is left unsaid. I do not typically say things to sound serious, but what I say is very serious.’

Fundamentally we are talking about doing (what you can) versus (what you need) to do. And it comes down to the type of person you are or wish to become. I want to know more people who are willing to wrestle with the ins and outs of things and eventually see them for what they truly are.

Your health is personal and is made up of what you chose to do with your body, mind and emotions. The common problem with people’s behavior and thinking is that it is not their own. The second problem is that few people are capable of teaching another person how to find themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The reality is, people looking to improve themselves end up following instructions that lead to a terrible end point (if one at all) and along the way cause harm (sometimes irreversible).

This is the global gym exercise classes, bootcamps, machine only exercise programs, scaled crossfit wods, amateur fighting gyms, competive amateur sports, etc. You show up year after year doing what you can and never getting the results that matter to you most, or one day you have to quit because it’s to hard, you get injured, or ‘got too old’ and decide to do nothing at all.

And not to leave out…. Bodybuilding shows, performance enhancing drugs and supplements, all professional sports, body transformation challenges, weekend warriors and more of the same. People who look to these things as the solution for their future or are participating in them now need help. These things are about competition (not health), short term results and they breed segregation and arrogance, at the cost of developing imbalances, limitations, accelerated aging and more.

The intention makes all the difference. In order to know what you need to do, you must have the unfiltered knowledge of your current state and have access to the most effective resources to create change. Meaning back pain will not be resolved in boot camp, raw strength will never be developed in pilates, body fat can not be reduced from chiropractic care… and so on for hours we can pick apart the misinformation preached by specialists and their sales agenda. Working on yourself physically, mentally and emotionally are some of the hardest things you can do. By isolating raw weakness with the help of teachers who expose you, all of the trending “fitness” garbage will become worthless perversion of your intelligence, self-respect and money.

Why are you eating X and doing Y exercise? Why are you worried about not doing X anymore and anxious about doing Y later today? IS IT FOR YOUR HEALTH FIRST?

True health, vitality and performance must be found personally for every unique person. Some people will be advanced and some will always be novice, but everyone will work on the things that they need to do and have the intention of health first.

Thank you for reading and listening. The future is bright. There are so many people out there who get it. By talking about it we can uplift everyone and people will hear the truth for the first time. It is education that will grow positivity.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND and find your own voice.


Dan Baruch BARUCHealth

The Sauna

I will keep this short, positive and to the point. Utilizing the sauna is mandatory for human health, wellness, vitality, longevity and performance…

I have been regularly using the sauna for over 12 years.

I have met individuals from multiple countries and cultures who have been using the sauna for generations. Individuals who have 50, 60, 70 years experience and whom are second and third generation sauna goers.

People close to me have heard my praises of the sauna for years. I have witnessed people I work with develop an understanding of the sauna and experience the detoxification and regeneration properties of it’s heat.

The sauna is one of so many tools that are ‘old technologies’ that we can use to learn more about ourselves.

Treat it (sauna) with respect.
*If you are interested to learn more or have questions leave a comment or message me. I’m happy to share.

There is beauty in life untill nature has it’s way. Preserve what you can, protect what you must, respect the cycles and stay in-tune with the truth.

Learn, teach and evolve. And rememeber… ‘Progress Is Change’

Sending all positivity,

Dan Baruch Sauna.

Breath Control

‘Wisdom is in the how, knowledge is in the why. You can know what to do, but if you do not know how to do you should find an experienced teacher to show you a way not to leave things undone.’

Progress is made in layers and I peeled this one long ago. I’m showing publicly today a video on breath control, one which I was shy to share when it was recorded now over two years ago.

In eastern medical philosophy control over one’s breath and energy has monumental importance to the mental and physical ordinance of well-being. The greater knowledge you have of energy-flow in yourself the greater strength you have to combat internal dis-ease.

‘My’ work like many other healers and teachers is to release one’s stagnation and improve the pathways of flowing energy. It is the combination of hands on therapy (massage) and the application of this physical knowledge applied to one’s unique physical development that separates this method from another.

We all should work within a non-specialized system that encompasses rest, nutrition, and physical and mental training. This means do not take nutrition advice from someone who does not understand physical training and do not take physical training advice from a manual therapist who is not physically training themselves.

Change occurs in repetition and not in intended confusion. You may know why you need to change your method, but how do you know when it is time to change? Without a specific intention you will never know precisely what to commit too. If you can not touch and feel it you haven’t found it…

The new website is coming along. There you will find practical step by step instruction (video and written guidance) on breath control and how it relates to our overall lifestyle.


Foolishness I hate, for nothing is more exhausting than the uneducated.

I’ve stepped away from writing publicly since December of 2014 and a lot has happened. I left two places of employment because of philosophical differences. One, a high end big-box gym and the other one of Downtown Minneapolis’s busiest chiropractic therapy clinics. I also got married, moved, and I’m now fully self employed with my manual therapy and training practice and have begun growing my digital design and internet marketing company (thiion).

Sure, you may not care… But listen, I see things differently now, I’m no longer affiliated to an organization censoring my opinions. I’ve seen a lot and I’m ready to share what I believe to be the truth to more people than my close circle of friends.

Over the next few months I will be releasing a new website with online education in many topics. Some of which will be free and others paid. There will be a q and a forum and many opportunities to engage with me at no cost. There is more bad information than good when the popular is what makes money and what makes money is what’s fast or easy.
Nothing can replace life experience, I’ve learned that to be most true.
All my best, Dan

‘Be Yourslef’

‘Be Yourself’

I just want to be superior (than my former self) and live a simple life. For our perception will continue to develop our perspective. We need to master the ‘chi’ to hear the sound of our soul. This art will crack the silence and materialize our sub-conscious’s authenticity.

It is out of necessity we will surprise people with profound incite and intuitive action impacting specific indicators; all the while raising awareness and sensitivity thus chaneling ‘the transformation of perspective’ out of intense focus, attention and succinct thought.

Stagnate-Energy …the most vital manifestations to defy.

With Respect,



Video: Low-Intensity-Aerobic-Movement

This sort of naturally-occurring free-movement expression is what I have missed most from training. Finally, I have returned to developing my body (with a patient tempo) as enough time has passed, now 3 months post left arm injury, and the strengthening process is ready to begin. These movements recorded are the first moments of the next phase of my (restricted) active recovery.

Everyday I am discovering more about the strength of my arm and I look forward to performing old skills (bridges, handstands, hanging, pulling, swimming, boxing, rock climbing, etc.) with a new perspective. This 3 month healing process has been the first sustained training break in over 10 years of researching different movement domains. During this ‘break’ I have continued to demonstrate movement and perform bodywork 7-12 hours a day, but teaching is very different than learning.

I wrote once before, ‘Progress made is the snake’s skin shed’. The element of progress which matters most is trying to do what you can not and rarely repeating that which you already can. Think of nourishment as the foundation of progress and progress only as a component of well-being.

Do not lose sight of what matters most (it has nothing to do with how you look or who you can out perform).


Intrinsic Motivation

In the days of faster, easier, cheaper…

Be cautious today for the opportunity of tomorrow is precious and without guarantee. If you wish to enjoy life do not look away from this moment with desire. If you do your life will be lead by expectation and followed by suffering.

Try to intrinsically center yourself, be calm and at peace, strengthening a mindset of ‘nothingness’. From this space you will know how to specifically act to maintain a healthy mind and able body, improving and transforming from within.

The very best to everyone I know,

Pictured: Tip of the toe holds

Dan Baruch