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Project Details

Role(s): Market Research, Branding (logo design, art assets for website/social/email/etc.), Business Strategy (mission, vision, values, unique selling point, style guide, etc.), UI/UX Design, WordPress Development, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Digital Advertising, additional.

Dates: 2017 for 5 months

Summary / Objective

Create a trusted brand and eCommerce website in order to sell cryptocurrency security products and educate customers via a native social networking platform.

Unique Information

Sold out (1000 units) within 2 months while throttling sales due to inventory shortage, using only 10-100 dollars of paid advertising per day.



Social Network

Private Messaging

Live Crypot Prices

Live Chat

User Flow

Step 1: Shop & Explain Bitcoin

Step 2: Purchase Product

Step 3: Automated/drip email communications (welcome letter, social network invitation, support materials, app downloads).

Step 4: Engage customers through blog content and native social groups.

Tools & Platforms



WooCommerce / World Wide Shipping


Buddy Press

Elementor / GeneratePress / Pods / Caldera

Airtable (live chat)

Adobe Suite

Stripe / Paypal / Bitcoin

Mail Chimp

Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Facebook Adds

Next Steps

Currently project placed on hold due to shortage of hardware devices.

I invite you to take a peak at the live website and see how it all came together!