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Sauna Bound

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

My approach to design is inspired by a user-centered approach that envisions and anticipates opportunities to surprise and delight. Over the years I have refined a process that utilizes project estimates & road-maps, personas, user flows, lead funnels, user stories, wireframing, storyboards, prototypes, interactive design, design systems and more.

My design philosophy is also inspired in part by my years of web development experience. I have been building custom websites for over 10 years. I have lead teams of developers and also completed numerous solo web development projects.

I have a deep understanding of taxonomies, post types, responsive coding, relationships, site speed optimization, on and off-site SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress. I am not a programmer, but I am super comfortable interfacing with engineering team members. My solid technical thinking skills equip me with a unique toolkit when approaching design problems.

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