There should be one way. It is true

There should be one way.

It is true each person has a unique starting point, yet the end goal we work towards is (my opinion) the natural way. I teach what I do. We do what science and application proves is the most efficient way to be lean, mobile, and free of disease. Without interest of work capacity or practicing dogmas. We work to perfect muscular and skeletal balance/harmony. To be without stress (anxiety, trauma, deleterious diet, etc.) within the solid coalescing body, mind, and spirit. So we must put other philosophies, disciplines and techniques by the way side, because they do not help us reach this goal. Body Alignment Rejuvenation teachings involve all martial and wellness disciplines, applied towards this specific apex. We must choose to condition patience to endure the internal and external companionship. *In today’s society rest is most important. Diet follows, then breath and movement control, then increased complexity.

Increase intensity = Increase stress |
Additional size = Additional energy |
Added energy = Quicker growth |
Faster growth = Sooner death |

Discipline/Intelligence/Authority/Choice/Acknowledgement: These are the things to keep in mind.

You do not eat 1-2 hours before you go to sleep. You will not starve missing one evenings’ nutrition. (I have gone 3 days fasted to understand the feeling of starvation). You never overeat. Overeating is because of deficiencies. You eat eggs for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Vegetables for dinner. In addition you eat 1-2 portions of protein (3-8 ounces) during the afternoon and early evening. You use fats for added flavor. You only eat salt, low gylcemic fruits, potato, and white rice when the body craves them. Treats must be in moderate portions and only as added enjoyment. Lemon water, teas, and small amounts of coffee (only in the am) should be sipped throughout the day. A multi-vitamin and fish oil should be taken with periods of resets. Stretching and aerobic activity should be done daily, with 1-4 weekly strength and conditioning trainings, and 2-7 sessions per week of sauna/spa/cold contrast therapy, and in addition body-work should be received 1-4 times per month as a re-assessment of all tissues. Professional guidance should be sought out to ensure a safe transition from your current state to an optimal one.
This is all simple.Your thoughts and your words should be concordant. You must discover your weak points as this is where you will break. преуспевать!! ~Dan