Trainer Impact Affect©

Trainer Impact Affect©; To deconstruct a premise so those may endure tests of impossible efforts.

What is it really? Gaining trust to guide one’s well-being. To understand some people just see the world differently, and knowing it is ok to let go of governing principals for focusing your body/mind/breath to move maximally. When it is maixmal effort it seems violent in a way. It should feel: Breath-taking Soul-moving Nerve-building Gut-wrenching Blood-pumping Bone-crushing.

So I ask, have you a clue to what work you will need to complete to affect change. How hard are you willing to work and how hard are you capable of working. (Looking the mirror, isn’t that motivation enough?)

video notes:
I have not performed a single deadlift in over one year’s time, yet through my training methods I maintain a (405) lift for years now. This is a no warmup rep. Load the bar and lift. Sure I could practice daily and pull +500 but this would be unbalanced for my well-being.

Increase your capacity whilst not your pride.

@Plymouth Lifetime Fitness