In the beginning, in the end, RELAXATION is our temperance and intensity is a controlled evolution of capacities. Not the theory of, one kind changing into another kind. This is training weaknesses (allowing pain). Challenging your fitness as a tool for greater relaxation. The byproduct of a complex physicality.

Thinking of your health/training short term with-out thought of the long term is not recommended.

-Fitness is second to conditioning.
-Conditioning is second to strength.
-Strength is second to balance.
-Balance is second to flexibility.
-Flexibility is second to tension.
-Tension is second to relaxation.

How relaxed you become reflects levels of intensity you will endure. Tension with intention is nothing new to the practice. ‘It’ is learning most effective functions for a balanced and relaxed self.

Can you breathe and constrict to oxygenate your every muscle so that (vascularly) you are left tingled to the bone?

Moderation is vital. Mithridatism is inevitable. Nourishment is mandatory. Balance is longevity.


note: Every method has it’s utility. This video is an example of (midway through) a ‘mass building protocol’ training session.