Excuses Expose Ignorance©

In order to understand you need to abandon relational-control. In the beginning there is a question, then an answer, then a decision. To be continually in power causes little to desire your attraction. That which willingly come our-way provide most satisfaction. Let it happen as it does, your vision is always most important, but an accumulation of experiences will solidify the whole package. Stay with what you want and respect who you are.

And then,

You (will) need a passion so to look-up on someone, to give them your energy, to be excited to share your knowledge. Contribution is one of the best feelings, so make sure you have something of value to share. The moments where; words flow, thoughts progress, and understanding comes full circle. These experiences prove indeed who you think of yourself to be.

I want us all to have real thoughts to grasp upon for perfection of the internal-self. Remember, excuses expose ignorance. So speak softly and begin to….

Dan Baruch