Video: Low-Intensity-Aerobic-Movement

This sort of naturally-occurring free-movement expression is what I have missed most from training. Finally, I have returned to developing my body (with a patient tempo) as enough time has passed, now 3 months post left arm injury, and the strengthening process is ready to begin. These movements recorded are the first moments of the next phase of my (restricted) active recovery.

Everyday I am discovering more about the strength of my arm and I look forward to performing old skills (bridges, handstands, hanging, pulling, swimming, boxing, rock climbing, etc.) with a new perspective. This 3 month healing process has been the first sustained training break in over 10 years of researching different movement domains. During this ‘break’ I have continued to demonstrate movement and perform bodywork 7-12 hours a day, but teaching is very different than learning.

I wrote once before, ‘Progress made is the snake’s skin shed’. The element of progress which matters most is trying to do what you can not and rarely repeating that which you already can. Think of nourishment as the foundation of progress and progress only as a component of well-being.

Do not lose sight of what matters most (it has nothing to do with how you look or who you can out perform).