Health First

When it comes to your exercise, diet, lifestyle, etc. it should be based on a health first principal.

‘Let this be the last time I (offensively) speak out negatively. I believe in producing positivity and letting people figure out what is left unsaid. I do not typically say things to sound serious, but what I say is very serious.’

Fundamentally we are talking about doing (what you can) versus (what you need) to do. And it comes down to the type of person you are or wish to become. I want to know more people who are willing to wrestle with the ins and outs of things and eventually see them for what they truly are.

Your health is personal and is made up of what you chose to do with your body, mind and emotions. The common problem with people’s behavior and thinking is that it is not their own. The second problem is that few people are capable of teaching another person how to find themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The reality is, people looking to improve themselves end up following instructions that lead to a terrible end point (if one at all) and along the way cause harm (sometimes irreversible).

This is the global gym exercise classes, bootcamps, machine only exercise programs, scaled crossfit wods, amateur fighting gyms, competive amateur sports, etc. You show up year after year doing what you can and never getting the results that matter to you most, or one day you have to quit because it’s to hard, you get injured, or ‘got too old’ and decide to do nothing at all.

And not to leave out…. Bodybuilding shows, performance enhancing drugs and supplements, all professional sports, body transformation challenges, weekend warriors and more of the same. People who look to these things as the solution for their future or are participating in them now need help. These things are about competition (not health), short term results and they breed segregation and arrogance, at the cost of developing imbalances, limitations, accelerated aging and more.

The intention makes all the difference. In order to know what you need to do, you must have the unfiltered knowledge of your current state and have access to the most effective resources to create change. Meaning back pain will not be resolved in boot camp, raw strength will never be developed in pilates, body fat can not be reduced from chiropractic care… and so on for hours we can pick apart the misinformation preached by specialists and their sales agenda. Working on yourself physically, mentally and emotionally are some of the hardest things you can do. By isolating raw weakness with the help of teachers who expose you, all of the trending “fitness” garbage will become worthless perversion of your intelligence, self-respect and money.

Why are you eating X and doing Y exercise? Why are you worried about not doing X anymore and anxious about doing Y later today? IS IT FOR YOUR HEALTH FIRST?

True health, vitality and performance must be found personally for every unique person. Some people will be advanced and some will always be novice, but everyone will work on the things that they need to do and have the intention of health first.

Thank you for reading and listening. The future is bright. There are so many people out there who get it. By talking about it we can uplift everyone and people will hear the truth for the first time. It is education that will grow positivity.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND and find your own voice.


Dan Baruch BARUCHealth