I want to ‘give’ you a strong body and show your mind how to tap into this strength, so you have the power to control your emotional stability. This will take time, consistent effort, and belief in something greater than your current reality. Have faith in a plan designed as, the art of being. Masterful growth both out and in. Find your center and you will always be in a state of natural reaction. You choose your path every step you take. Feel the ground with grace and control, perfectly aligned in symmetrical posture, looking and feeling light as a feather, sharp & hard as a diamond. ~Dan

It is the moment of imbalance….

No sense in an ‘outcome state of thinking’. Let your mind integrate with your body. Allow your emotions to flow through your movement. Breath to let go, then receive tension with intention.

In-order to discover your Internal depth/strength you must knock down greater External walls. Force; Truly exceptional power can be experienced. Repetition will be your tool, maximum range will be your alignment, balance will be your outcome. ~Dan