Components of controlment. Tension flowing for aliviation. Be the strong straight line always in balance.

So often we work to strengthen the mind body spirit connection. I ask, have you spent enough time equally seperating each’s potency individually?

No pain No gain: Right?

Mind control is as much sensing stimuli as it is disassociatement. Never only be ‘with the feeling’, a choice steeped in synergy. You shall be apart from the physical feeling and observe it as an outer body demonstration. *Deep into strength we go. Constricted so tightly we leave a mindful aproach, to the parrelel reality where true beauty in light is discovered for those who’s rummination is solute. Note: I choose only to be a guide, we each have uniquness. Your finshing move will be of your own (mind bod spirit) content, staged for the world to appreciate. Focus! It is right there in plain site  If you are lost just ask. Much to understand when you relax.