‘Make It Your Own’

‘Make It Your Own’

I speak to a path that we are all on. Harmony in all we do. A practice of constantly mentally evolving.

There is value in learning something you did not know that you can make your own for the rest of your life to better your well being. To learn. Then teach. Then to learn again as an evolution of the foundation.

I have a skill to remember what I was teaching years ago and re-learn it once again for my own practice, always developing complexity and rhythm in-order to expand reality. It is about coming full circle. Whether in 10 min 1 hour, week, month, or year. This way you can make it your own.

The difference is passive concectps and active practicals.

Since 16 years old I have always said, ‘With intensity greatness is achievable’. And so; We need to challenge ourselves mentally and physically. This way there is succession of Tention with Intention.

video: Traning posture with a Body Alignment Rejuvenation stretching technique.