Posture / A word on posture for the uninitiated.

Posture / A word on posture for the uninitiated.

Posture rules much of our existence.

Inches of; head – nose – chest – hip position make the unquantifiable margins between confidence and (negative) self-consciousness, between neutral alignment (being without tension and impingements and constant tension you may have been ignorant to.

As always the point and path is about your own personal practice to centering and entertaining the space, beyond training and into living (moving/eating/relaxing) with freewill and choice.

I see people everyday awaking before sunset, doing exercise they do not enjoy and constantly being in a deficit (calorically/metabolically) in order to track linear progression to an apex which has no absolute ending. Never accepting to uncover the triggers, the crutches, the reason and root of their weakness. Until you accept your current weakness (because of lack of specific conditioning) you will never truly awaken the depths of strength that transcends a training session into everyday posture and wellness.

Train to create balanced muscular/skeletal development. Stretch for connective tissue to cradle neutral alignments. Condition positions to rejuvenate and ensure mobile articulation of joints. Test strength through range of motion for preventive functional capacity for movement posture and pattern in all planes of alignment and movement possibilities/complexities.

It is to simple to go for reps or weight or macronutrients.

Awareness is the gateway to control. Control is the test of strength. Strength is the way to stay with neutral/solid posture.

Kinetic Chains. Power Leaks. Path of Least Resistance. Pre/Re-Hab Therapy. Fire Rises. Gate Analysis. Efficiency/Work Capacity. Physique Development etc. All concepts with best postures to master.

Stand up straight!