Say the right things at the right times and hold people accountable so they learn more about their strength.The Flip:

Being able to be the catalyst for a paradigm shift through educating on; teachable, practical, testable, Mechanisms. (If your good) you discover their passion and be their guide to mastery in this discipline. Design for them the blueprint then hold them accountable by showing when they are capable for the next level of complexity along each transitional phase to mastery.

A true teacher can show the student the way and then observer the demonstration of proficiency and grace/prowess, always ready to re-align for perfection. There can be no room for error, lazyness, relaxation or unacceptable behavior.

The Shift:

Remember someone you care for who you want to see and get ‘brought up to speed’ on their well being. You would ask them, ‘how are you’ and patiently wait for their collected response. You listen because you care hoping to share your knowledge so you both experience greater understanding and wisdom.

As you move through this reality it is perception as the other (person) that is being channeled. Move the way they would, think the way they would, question the way they would, believe the way they would, remember the way they would, understand the way they would, then challenge the way they would at their best executable being.

•Planned Focused Consistent is the style at hand and mind.

•Sharp and hard, light and flexible. This is the way of the pliable and balanced, ….strong like you have never seen before.