True Enlightenment

Your strength, is actually your compensation.

Life is the truth we seek mixed with the secrets we keep.

If you haven’t found failure you are still looking for pain. Through both you experience discomfort, this is where you develop strength. In the feeling of not knowing, it’s where we are most awakened. Our senses are at highest points of acuity, our thoughts are present, anaylzing the why from every posibility. It is not often we are excited, scared, happy, anxious, etc., all at once. Here exists the power to control emoitions; not emoitions to control you. Cultivate a balance, keeping the highs and lows minimal.

~Why technique first?

You need a guide, because repetition is the path-way to perfection. But if you don’t comprehend what you are doing, a usefull tool will become redundent. You must understand the tool and it’s effectiveness in totality. The sign of a successful teacher/student relationship is when the teacher can trust the student to make improvements on their own with the skills they have been given. ….Silence has so many meanings

The Purpose is to distinct between:
Weakness vs Compensation
Programmed vs Awareness
Habit vs Practice
Energy In vs Energy Out
Carbohydrates Control vs Anaerobic Activity
Trauma vs Healing

With the right tool and understanding, practicing continual progression will demand more focus to work with greater intensity, which carry’s over into other life moments. When feeling of great energy manifests inside, do not let it out, instead keep it within, guide it/use it. The more power you can acquire the better centered you will become.

The give and take of mobilty and maximum depth of contraction, regulated through active flexibility.

Body Alignment Rejuvenation©

Dan Baruch