‘Staying centered in the midst of change.’

It does not matter your level of passion when comprehension is not present. It matters more how you do and not what you do. It is the technique of things that reveals proper effort.

When looking out you cannot see what is within. Focus not on being the-best, but on being your-best. It is internal not external goals that transcend change.

In life there can be balance. Where once was tension can be relaxation. The greater energy you control the more your inner being is left to be. External pressures make you constrict, but with exercise you can press back and protect yourself.

Everyday do something. Your external shell is there to allow your inner being safety. Let what is inside grow. Keep what is outside strong and flexible, changing from within and not because of what is out there.

Everything we can do is interconnected with how we feel and think about what we will do. When you can identify it, analysis it, diagnose it and integrate it, …you will change it.

Progress is change friends,