There are two types of people in the world. Those who do not know and those who are unwilling to change.

Strength without balance is akin to sex without love.

There is alot to learn and alot to understand. With an open mind you will be amazed how simple things are. In the beginning moments of learning the ego takes hold and you question if you already know what is being presented, but through doing you realize you do not. You must do, you must try, you must have experience.

The initial willingness to try is only the taste, it is not until you have had your fill and no longer crave more will you understand what you are doing and learning. It takes time to make sense of it all. Not the words but the feelings, the deeper meaning to you. Remember there is always something to learn. If you are stiff you can learn about flexibility. If you are poor you can learn about wealth. If you are suffering you can learn about healing.

Let us come together…. Where consciousness, perspective and comprehension meet. In this place our character will show and our intention will be exposed. Mutual exchange, give-take-give-take. I know what I know because I am me, and you know what you know because you are you. But how can I give you what I know and you give me what you know. It is a relationship and you must care about me and I must care about you.

“If you think you do not feel and if you feel you don’t think.”

Once you achieve it (openness), you must maintain it. Life is fluid, never static. Do not force change. You will only be left with memories of what once was and will never be. Be yourself and maintain balance in your life. Change within will come, and change within is the only change that you will understand.

All my best,