The one thing

The one thing is health and health is best achieved through nutrition, exercise, self-healing and mental clarity. The one (other) thing is exposing the ‘fitness’ industry for its harmful affects on your health and the money driven “results” based programs. I have realized how confusing it is for people because there is so much information and choice. The BARUCHealth┬áprogram is simple and for everyone (beginner thru advanced). Learning it is like learning math. You have to start at the beginning, it is the only way.

The rest of this question (What is the one thing?) refers to marketing and appealing to people’s triggers to actually change and start learning new things. I say, there is no niche for what I am after, human beings need to understand how to take care of themselves.

I work with many people in recovery because they are the one’s in tune with the need to improve their health. Generally the people without severe enough symptoms are most difficult to teach. Until the system fails people do not think they have a problem and most certainly do not think they are the cause….

The string can only be pulled.

I am learning to control my knowledge. It is not right to talk with someone and expect them to comprehend what is in my head (referring to all that is on the BARUCHealth website). The website has changed things for me. Now I say less because I know I do not have to say everything for someone to get the information, instead I listen more. People have to come to their point of confusion first and then I share with them how things work in their specific case. Any general talk is too general to make lasting change occur, things must be specific. Life is interesting… ­čÖé

I am not writing this thinking I am so smart. But the reality is almost daily I meet and talk with people that are being exposed to this (content taught via way of thinking and information for the first time.

The little things add up.

As a teacher or guide if you can not detect the little things you can not help the student. And as a teacher if you are not discovering more little things as your career matures you are on the wrong succession path.

Progress is change,