Pleasantly Direct and Immersive

Secrets are to be kept from those who wouldn’t understand anyways and especially from those driven by greed. If you want to have secrets you can’t talk about them…

The strongest leaders will forever yearn to stay into the headwind.

When teaching: it is vital not to be without emotion, but be empty (in-ego) ready to be filled. Be pleasantly direct and immersive, fully coherent with education and sensitivity employing proficiency.

In order to understand you must be able to do, from within in (aptitude), without triggers from outside your own psyche . A mastered teacher will instill knowledge so one may find themselves with the awareness they wish they had before.

There will always be people who will talk and talk about it. There will always be people who do it. The people doing it don’t want to talk to the people talking about it because they do not want to listen to someone who’s never going to do it. If only the people not doing it knew they weren’t doing it…

To exclude a stimulus is to with certainty increase its unwanted immersion.

You can not do what is impossible. You can achieve diluted substances, but this is not the same. You can break ‘it’ down but even then you will not do what ‘it’ is. Some secrets stay that way until you are in-the-experential-know.

There are things that are in us, that drive us. There are things that are apart of us, that test us. The things that are of our essence are internal. The things that are placed in our path due to our environment challenge us and take us away from our core needs.

Often times we need to step back and remove certain protocols in order to fully adapt and aquire a new capacity. When ready we can add in previous protocols and simultaneously maintain newly acquired skills. Then a new rhythm is set in motion, progresevily enableing increased strength and stability. -Old tricks feel like new tricks when you can work even harder.

At what point does progression stop becoming useful for a total health experience?

– Maintaining the balance