We need strengthing and conditioning. It is so much more simple than this.

We need strengthing and conditioning. It is so much more simple than this.

Stage One: B.A.R. – Strength.
We must possess essential strength for baseline framework structure and balance. Working for removal of; power leaks, chronic/acute pain, body control dissociation, and muscle/connective tissue weaknesses.

Stage Two: Conditioning.
Without being in shape you will not be healthy. We are not to become deconditioned. The slow moving, untoned, soft body is first a precursor of cardiovascular degeneration. Stroke volume, resting heart-rate, capillary refill, lymphatic pooling, swelling/inflammation, blood pressure, all are controlled with conditons of aerobic exchange and arterial viscosity.

Stage Three: Straight Line Control.
The body must be: lean, pliable, long lasting, quick moving, absolutely relaxed and deeply hardened. So we go beyond understanding, practice and past training into best living.
Posture, Posture, Posture!!!

Stage Four: Breath Control.
Mind, Body, Spirit Integration/Separation.

Few options:
Stairs – grinding
Hillwalk- building
Swim – lengthing
Run – pacing
Sprint – breaking
Jumping – enduring
Gymnastics – strengthing
Weights – stretching
Breathing – vitalizing
And so on…

*pictured one of many seniors (mr. chung 85) working for best quality of life using Body Alignment Rejuvenation (B.A.R.) techniques.

A New
I know to burn it all down and “make piece with all outcomes”. Cleanse the body to bring-in the new mind|set. One mind, one body, one goal. So simple in its truth. So pure in its clarity. So actionable in its steps. So calculated in its number. So hard in its work. So fufiling in its achievement. So respected in its character. So worthy in its fight. So calming in its victory. Burn it all down to lay foundation to a new.
Exciting times upon us all. Each night we need to close our eyes and rest our feet. When you awake be your most positive thoughts. We all must seek light and avoid darkness. To reach for heavenly moments of divinity and abolish earthly chatter. With fire in one hand and ice in the other ~Dan

If the heat is on you have hit a spot. Master fire, as well as air. Breathing is essential yet the flame will end without oxygen. To grasp the flame in your palm oxygen must be expelled from body. Breath control equates to body control. Body control equates to mind control. Mind control equates to emotional harmony. The further you reach and squeeze the better your balance is strengthened. Be the center of unbreakable straight lines moving in and out yourself. Let fire be your light on a day with little sunshine. ~Dan

B.A.R. – The deeper the fascia unwinds the greater the release from each treatment. The speed in which we reach maximum depth of tension-inception is determent upon trust, openness and tolerance. Prioritize a few moments each and everyday of; healing, rest, recovery and self-attention/affection. Find your tension and chase it out until (straightly) realigned into balance. Smooth and Soft | Hard and Long. ~Dan

First you must develop strength, by repetition of straight lines. As you develope your abilities to control your (body’s) maximum range of movement, power is being built. Power is the effect of strength controlled through range of movement. When you posses powerful movement from each corner-range, speed will be accurate. Speed is the coalescing of strength and power. Strength is the tool for reaching the ‘end’, through the path of least resistance. Power is the tool to push back at obstructions before you reach this end. Speed is achieved when nothing stands in your way. Swing the long spear and understand both the strength and power it takes to move swiftly and accurately. ~Dan

I want to ‘give’ you a strong body and show your mind how to tap into this strength, so you have the power to control your emotional stability. This will take time, consistent effort, and belief in something greater than your current reality. Have faith in a plan designed as, the art of being. Masterful growth both out and in. Find your center and you will always be in a state of natural reaction. You choose your path every step you take. Feel the ground with grace and control, perfectly aligned in symmetrical posture, looking and feeling light as a feather, sharp & hard as a diamond. ~Dan

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